1st of January - Eurozone joined Latvia!

Meeting of Euro project Steering Committee

Ministry of Finance, 16.12.2012

On 6 December 2012 the regular meeting of the Euro Project Steering Committee was held and the following issues were discussed:

1. Informative report of the Ministry of Justice about issues on Cabinet order No. 256  "On rendering the name of the single currency of the EU in Latvian.” Ministry of Justice suggest the order about euro writing include in draft law "Law on Introduction the euro". Euro Project Steering Committee took the notice to significant risks, if the Ministry of Justice will not take into account the recommendations of European Central Bank rendering the euro writing issue.

2. There was approved the time schedule of development and coordination of  informative report "About the period from 1 August 2012 – 31 December 2012, accomplished and planned activities for the introduction of single European currency in Latvia."

3. Euro project manager reported about the time schedule of IT systems adjustments. Steering Committee instructed the Euro project manager till next meeting of the Euro Project Steering Committee to gather confirmations from the ministries that information system adjustment works have to be started in accordance with the Latvia’s National euro changeover plan.

4. The Ministry of Environmental protection and local government informed about Ltd. "FMS" accounting system Horizon costs evalation. The Steering Committee took the note about the establishment of procurement committee.  

5. There was approved decision by Euro Project Steering Committee to facilitate a process of euro communication strategy implementation and to provide the beginning of information campaign as of the launch of 2013.

6.  There was taken a note about the information from the institutions about the procedures on complaints consideration in the euro changeover process and the Steering Committee took a decision that all control institutions have to make the common procedure.

7. There was taken a decision of the requirements about cash register in draft law "Law of introduction of Euro" to indicate exceptions based on the companies turnover. Euro project manager was instructed to communicate and consult with nongovernmental organisations about this issue.

8. The next Euro project Steering Committee meeting is planned for 10 January 2013.