1st of January - Eurozone joined Latvia!

Harmonised and efficient communication about the changeover process plays a substantial role in providing convenient, easy and secure changeover to the euro. Educational activities carried out in the first half of 2013 were oriented towards professional target audiences, however, in the second half-year and in the beginning of 2014, the main focus is on information of all inhabitants about the practical aspects of the introduction of the euro.

According to opinion surveys, practical matters are topical to more than 70 per cent of population – how the euro changeover will take place and how will this process affect the receipt of wages and pensions, payments and deposits; what is the official exchange rate; how does the new money look like and what are its security features.

In order to answer these questions, a wide range of informative activities is being implemented: informative materials, explanatory videos in mass media have been prepared and distributed; educational activities and seminars have been organised; information telephone 8000 3000 and a home page www.eiro.lv has been created. Introduction of the euro includes wide intersectoral cooperation between the organisations of the state and of the private sector, associations, Latvijas Pasts [Latvian Post], the Bank of Latvia and commercial banks, small trade enterprises, etc.

Mass media also make their invaluable contribution, participating in the information of society, so that everyone in Latvia knows the most important facts about the euro, including: