1st of January - Eurozone joined Latvia!

Latvia: as of today, government services are available to residents to the normal extent

Ministry of Finances, 02.01.2014

As planned, starting today, 2 January, the services of government institutions are available to the normal extent in Latvia. It has been possible to ensure the continuity of services because the majority of 106 government IT systems were prepared for work with euro by mid-December and the conversion of the rest of the systems is being carried out according to plan, without having any adverse effect on granting services to residents. 

"It has been ensured that government services will be available on the very first working day of the new year to any resident: from the recipients of state social insurance payments to the users of government statistics," says Sanita Bajāre, state secretary of the Ministry of Finance. "We are happy that changes are managed with equally high level of efficiency both in the private and public sectors."

Thirty-four of the total of 106 governmental IT systems, ensure the record-keeping of accounting data.  Most of the rest are special systems of government ministries that ensure the everyday work of their subordinate institutions.

Local governments can likewise ensure the full extent of their services on the very first working day of the new year. According to SIA "ZZ Dats",  more than 30 000 active users in 110 regions of Latvia and 9 largest cities can make use of the systems for administering the real estate taxes, accounting, social services as well as others that have been fully adapted for work in the euro currency.

Background information:

On 1 January 2014, 113 laws, 603 regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers and 1432 binding regulations of loacal governments took effect. They were developed last year for a successful euro changeover in Latvia.

Additional information:

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