1st of January - Eurozone joined Latvia!

Informative Materials on the Euro

General Information About the Euro (in Latvian, Russian, English and German)


Information for Inhabitants

Materials for childrens


Information for Businesses



Big Euro internet seminar: the most important information and answers of experts to all questions about the euro (video)

Dace Kalsone
Euro Project Manager at the Ministry of Finance
What one should know about euro changeover
Baiba Felsberga
Head of the Pensions’ Methodological Department at State Social Insurance Agency
 What will happen with pensions and allowances?
Vilnis Virza
Chief Jurisconsult of the Labour Law Unit at State Labour Inspectorate
The euro and employment contracts
Dainis Gašpuitis
Economist at SEB Bank
Accession to the euro area: current anxiety and future gains
Dzintars Kalniņš
Head of the Business Direction of Swedbank Euro Project
How entrepreneurs should prepare for the euro changeover?
Jānis Endziņš
Chairman of the Board of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Initiative ‘Fair Euro Introducer’: responsibilities and gains of entrepreneurs
Raits Kalnačs, Chief Inspector of the Administration Combating Economic Offences of State Police’s Chief Administration of Criminal Police
Security of money in the euro changeover period and in daily life: the most common mistakes and recommendations of specialists
Kaspars Cikmačs
Member of the Board at Bank Citadele
How to handle cash efficiently during the period of parallel circulation of lats and euros
Māris Muižnieks
Chief Specialist of the Department for Tax and Duties’ Accounting Methodology of Tax Administration at State Revenue Service:
Adjustment of cash registers, cashier’s checks
Arta Priede
Head of the Sub-Working Group on Accounting Matters at the Ministry of Finance
Main changes in the field of book-keeping during the period of the introduction of the euro 
Līga Klemere
Expert of Department for Labour Relations and Labour Protection Policy at the Ministry of Welfare
Employment contracts and other aspects regarding labour legal relations: recommendations in order to ease the work of accountants
Andris Tauriņš
Head of the Department for Money Technologies of Cashier’s and Money Circulation Administration at the Bank of Latvia
About security features of the euro for cashiers and other professions that handle money
Daina Robežniece
Consultant in Coordination Matters of Tax Legislation at the Ministry of Finance
Main changes in the field of taxation during the period of the introduction of the euro
Yekaterina Zharkova
Manager of the Project on the Introduction of the Euro at Bank Citadele
What everyone should know about the euro changeover
Inga Krole-Shenning
Manager of the Project on the Introduction of the Euro at SEB Bank
What entrepreneurs should definitely know about the euro changeover


European Commission publications

EU economic governance (leaflet) July 2012 Available: LV, EN, RU
Ten years of euro banknotes and coins (poster) June 2012 Available: EN
The road to the euro (brochure) May 2012 Available: EN, LV (2007)
Ten years of euro banknotes and coins (poster) March 2012 Available: EN
Euro area map (poster) March 2012 Available: LV, EN, RU
One currency for one Europe. The road to the euro(poster) January 2011 Available: LVENRU
A short guide to the euro (leaflet) January 2011 Available: LV, EN, RU
United in diversity (brochure for children) January 2011 Available: EN, pictures: ENlegend: LVEN
United in diversity (poster for children) January 2011 Available: EN
Join the euro crew (poster for children) September 2008 Available: LVENRU
Join the euro crew (game for children) June 2008 Available: LVEN
Publications overview 2012 Available: LVEN
EC progress reports on the preparations for the enlargement of the euro area 2012 Available: EN
EC Convergence Reports 2012 Available: EN


European Central bank publications

€ our money. Banknotes and coins: the first ten years (video) March 2012 Available: LVEN
€ our money. Banknotes and coins: the first ten years (brochure) March 2012 Available: LVEN
€ our money (credit card-sized brochure) March 2012 Available: LVENRU
Euro school (poster aimed at primary school children) January 2012 Available: LVEN
Euro banknotes and coins (interactive display) 2011 Available: LVEN
The security features of the euro banknotes (interactive display) 2011 Available: LVEN
Quick Guide to the security features of the euro banknotes 
August 2010 Available: LVEN
Trainer's Guide to the euro banknotes and coins (brochure) August 2010 Available: LVEN
The euro banknotes at a glance (brochure) August 2010 Available: LVEN
Euro banknotes and coins (poster) August 2010 Available: LVEN
"Watch out!" (poster showing euro banknotes and security 
August 2010 Available: LVEN
Anna and Alex take on the banknotes forgers (brochure for 
February 2010 Available: LVENRU
Euro banknotes and coins (brochure) August 2008 Available: LVEN
The security features of the euro banknotes (poster ) August 2007 Available: LVEN
Materials for the visually impaired 2012 Available: LVEN
The European Central Bank, the Eurosystem, the European 
System of Central Banks 
(interactive display)
2012 Available: LVEN
MonThe implementation of monetary policy in the euro 
(interactive display)
2012 Available: LVEN
Annual reports 2012 Available: LVEN
ECB Convergence Reports 2012 Available: LVEN