1st of January - Eurozone joined Latvia!

Project Structure

To ensure an efficient euro implementation process in Latvia, the Steering Committee was established to select the euro changeover strategy, monitor the elaboration of the National Euro Changeover Plan, as well as co-ordinate and manage required activities.

The Committee is chaired by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance. The Steering Committee comprises chief executive officers from the Ministry of Finance, the State Chancellery, the Bank of Latvia and other institutions.

There are five working groups aiming at performing specific tasks directly subordinated to the Steering Committee:

The Euro Project Manager is responsible for the implementation of the Steering Committee's decisions, mutual co-ordination of working group activities as well as solution of problems related to the introduction of the euro.

The euro changeover process is monitored by the Cabinet of Ministersreceiving quarterly progress reports from the Steering Committee.


Informative reports on performed and planned tasks related to introduction of the single European currency in Latvia - home page of the Ministry of Finance