1st of January - Eurozone joined Latvia!

The campaign «Fair euro introducer»

Concept: business-oriented awareness campaign, inviting merchants to do price conversion based on the Law on the Procedure for the Introduction of Euro and retaining neutral impact of euro introduction on prices. The campaign started on 12 July 2013. Campaign includes: signing of memorandum among government and businesses, informing companies and monitoring the implementation of the memorandum.
Target audience according to rules of tender are about 2/3 of all retailers, wholesalers, enterprises and service providers ~ 42 000 businesses (not all companies offer goods or services consumers and not all goods of wholesale traders reach households), active communication is addressed to the audience regardless of the size and geographical location and consumers are encouraged to shop with merchants, who have joined the memorandum.
Most businesses are expected to join the Memorandum meaning that they intend applying official exchange rate & ensuring clear price displaying.
Information to consumers:
  • White list of companies that signed Memorandum available to consumers on Euro project web page www.godigs.lv